Monday, April 19, 2021

Updates to Climbing Permits and Fees for 2021

There are two important steps required to travel above 10,000 feet or on glaciers inside Mount Rainier National Park.  Note that these steps apply to climbers and skiers who are attempting single-push style ascents.

1.)  Each individual must pay the Climbing Cost Recovery Fee (good for multiple uses in the calendar year it was purchased).  

You can pay before coming to the park.  To pay the fee, you must visit the website, submit your payment information, and receive your confirmation email.  Save your receipt and bring a copy with you when you register for your climb as proof of payment.     

                                                   Pay the Climbing Fee Here

2.)  Each party needs to obtain a Climbing Permit (one permit/party).  This includes climbers who are attempting single-push climbs as well as ski mountaineering above 10,000 feet elevation.  

All of the climbers on a team must have paid the Climbing Fee before obtaining a Climbing Permit.

Currently climbers can self-register at the Paradise Ranger Station (there's a kiosk on the porch inside the grey tunnel) and White River Ranger Station (kiosk to the right of the front door).  Please completely fill out the climbing permit, cut it into two pieces, leave the "registration side" of the permit behind at the kiosk, and take the "permit side" with you on your climb.  This option is NOT available during the summer/spring climbing season when ranger stations are open starting in late-May.