Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Cold Blustery Weather is Upon Us

Climbers at Camp Muir braving an August alpine storm
that produced about two inches of fresh snow.
As we progress into mid August, the warm beach weather we are so used to is now transitioning into more of what you see in the picture to the left.  This does not mean the climbing season is over of that the warm weather has come to an end.  It just acts as a reminder that we are operating in a changing environment and that we have to be prepared for changing weather and upper mountain conditions.  If you are on the fence about packing that extra layer or the four season tent verse the three season, keep in mind that the fall weather is upon us.  If you were to get caught out in a storm, that extra layer might end up doing you some good.

The well traveled routes on the upper mountain are still holding up, but travel carefully and err on the side of caution when warm weather persists and you are faced with crevasse crossings or melting out bridges.  Pickets are highly recommended for each member of the climbing party in case someone were to take a plunge.  Keep in mind that as the season progresses, the amount of climbing parties is decreasing, so don't expect or plan on other climbing parties to be there to help if an incident were to occur.

With all the low pressure, and the in and out alpine storms, comes clear skies above the marine layer, so come on out and enjoy some fresh alpine air with minimal forest fire smoke.

Safe climbing!