Thursday, September 13, 2012

Signs of Autumn

We are definitely starting to see the summer slipping out of reach from our perch high on Rainier. A couple of days ago the weather brought a fresh dusting of snow all the way down to Pan Point, and while it quickly melted away it was a reminder of what is to come. (More Snow)

Rangers navigating late season conditions on the Ingraham
Besides the short snow squall, conditions on the upper mountain have been generally sunny and warm. Climbers have still been heading up the DC on a daily basis and with the hard and consolidated surface conditions more climbers have been making daytime and sunset climbs, saving headlamp batteries and keeping circadian rhythms more normal.

The Climbing Information Center will be closed during the weekdays but still open on weekends throughout September. Rangers will be on duty from 7am to 3pm Saturday and Sunday to register climbers and answer questions. When the CIC is closed self registration is in effect and all climbers are still required to register. The self registration box is located at Paradise in the hallway of the Climbing Information Center for the time being.

Check out recent updates on the Muir Snowfield and DC for the latest Beta before you come up. Conditions are still great for a hike and a climb, but there are a few things to watch out for these days, like more exposed ice and crevasses in unexpected places. Plan well, Have fun.