Climbing Permits and Fees

There are two things required to climb Mount Rainier:

1.)  Each individual must pay the Climbing Cost Recovery Fee (good for the calendar year).  You can pay before coming to the park.

2.)  Each climbing party needs to obtain a Climbing Permit.  Only one permit is necessary per team for each climb.

Climbing Cost Recovery Fee:

A new (since 2017) climbing fee payment system is now in effect.  Physical climbing passes (the business sized cards with the mountain silhouette)  are no longer issued.  To pay the fee, you must visit the website, submit your payment information, and receive your confirmation email.  Save your receipt and bring a copy with you when you register for your climb as proof of payment.   

Pay the Climbing Fee

Please don't send or fax any old climbing pass purchase forms in.  The old purchase forms are no longer accepted.  Anyone climbing on glaciers and/or above 10,000 feet must pay the climbing fee.

Climbing Permit:

All of the climbers on the team must have paid the Climbing Fee before a Climbing Permit can be issued to the team.  You must obtain a Climbing Permit in-person and they're available at Ranger Stations and Wilderness Information Centers around the park.  See the Operating Hours Website for more info.  Keep the Climbing Permit with the team while climbing.  Once finished with your climb, turn in your permit at the ranger station to check out from your climb (all climbers must check out upon their return).