Sunday, April 02, 2023

Spring on Rainier

The Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers are returning to the park to gear up and train for the season. As we get our feet underneath us, we want to give an update and help you plan your trip if you are skiing Rainier in the next month or so.

Mount Rainier in late March before this last storm.
  • The park itself is still in winter operations mode, so resources are limited. The road to Paradise will continue to be closed weekdays until roughly mid-April (weather and staffing dependent). Nightly closures will continue until possibly mid-May. Plan your trip appropriately around these road closures.
  • We are still doing self-registration this time of year. If you are going to climb above 10,000 ft or travel on glaciers in the park in the next couple weeks, you can create your permit at the Paradise Old Station, across from the visitor center. We will be back to normal operations with permitting and reservations at least on weekends around May 5 and then weekdays as well around May 23rd. 
  • Don't forget to buy your annual climbing fee before your trip or buy it on your phone when you self-register: Climbing - Mount Rainier National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (
  • If you are staying overnight and parked at Paradise, park in the lower lot where the sign designates overnight parking. Otherwise, you could hinder the plow crew's progress. 
  • Please make sure you turn in your permit to the old station when you exit the field. This is not checked regularly this time of year, so give someone your trip dates and itinerary. Note that SAR response time is very slow this time of year, especially with the road closures.
  • Unfortunately, the winter pit toilet door at Camp Muir was left open at some point this winter, and it's completely full of snow with a ruined door. Please bring extra blue bags and carry down all your human waste. You can dispose of them in the blue bag trash containers in the restroom hallway at Paradise.
We hope you are all getting out to enjoy these spring storms!