Monday, November 30, 2015

Dry and Cold

The weather has been incredibly dry after a series of big wet storms in early November.  More moisture is predicted later this week into early December.  Keep an eye on the freezing levels to see where snow will be accumulating.  The Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) has a great website that's full of resources for climbers and skiers.  You'll find regional avalanche forecasts and links to different weather stations (telemetry sites) around the state.  Determining conditions for a climb or ski in different parts of the park is best done by examining data from stations near your route. 

Climbers and skiers should keep in mind that response time to any backcountry incident will be slower than in the summer.  Make sure to have a self-rescue plan (sled? overnight gear?) so that a small incident does not become a tragic situation.

Self-registration for climbers is available at the small Paradise Ranger Station.  There's a kiosk right inside the grey porch awning.  Enjoy the holiday season!