Sunday, May 15, 2016

Checking the Weather

A week of warm sunny weather made some big changes to the landscape around the park. The snowmelt has been rapid around places like Paradise. Small patches that would usually be covered this time of year are already snow free. The mountain has seen its own fair share of snow melt, but the effects have been less dramatic considering the larger snow pack up high. Climbers have been reaching the summit on a regular basis, and high camps have been busy with daily visitation.
Checking the weather can seem like a waist of time when the forecast says sunshine. Over this weekend and into next week the summer like days have given way to more inclement and unsettled conditions. Low level clouds with this type of forecast can move in and out around the mountain unexpectedly making it difficult to sometime impossible to know where your going. Freezing levels can fluctuate several thousands of feet turning rain into snow. Take the time to check the Weather Forecast. It is a valuable tool when planning your trip to Mount Rainier.