Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

It's the start of another year and the gears are just starting to turn as we prepare for another season here on Rainier.  There's over eight feet of snow on the ground at Paradise and it's hard to imagine that Memorial Day is only five months away.  Check out the Paradise Area Webcams to keep an eye on the waxing snowpack.

Randy King Climbing Rainier

Climbing reservations for 2018 will be accepted starting March 15th.  There's a new Wilderness Permit and Reservation System that will be in place by then, and the process to submit a reservation will be different.  Stay tuned to the park's permit and reservation website for updates and changes as the time nears.

Speaking of changes, Superintendent Randy King is retiring this month after 14 years at Mount Rainier (and Superintendent since 2011).  He's been a crucial part of developing the Climbing Program at Mount Rainier into what it is today and is no stranger to the summit of Mount Rainier.  We'll miss him!

Wintertime on Mount Rainier can offer pristine mountain views and quiet moments of solitude, but please remember to prepare for the potentially extreme conditions that can occur.  Driving, hiking, and especially skiing and climbing all require an extra level of expertise and equipment to be safe this time of year.  If in doubt, contact a ranger to ask any questions.  See you on the slopes!