Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fall Turns

There's  been some great skiing on the Muir Snowfield this fall so far.  Between storms, and those 'tweens have been small, there have been some good snow conditions for skiing.  I last went up to Camp Muir on Friday November 2nd.  All those gargantuan suncups have been filled in.  Ski penetration has been pretty nice at less than 5 cm in most places so skinning up was fast.

I've taken the webcam down for the season.  Although we did get it working again, it's just too much to maintain in the winter, so we'll save it for next season.

Public shelter is open, but it may be snowed in when you get there.  Expect to shovel out the entrance.  Could take a long time and you may be exposed to the wind while you're digging (and tired and cold)...

A toilet is open near the public shellter, which may need to be dug out, too.

Remember a few things this winter:
     -Get a forcast from the NWAC before you go.
     -If overnighting, remember a permit, a pass and to park in the overnight area at Paradise.
     -Pack for contingencies, such as getting stuck out for an unplanned overnight.