Guide Services

Guide Services:

There's three main Guide Services that offer multiple trips per year and guide various routes on the mountain.  Single day instruction outings, two and three day summit climbs, and multiple day climbing seminars are available.  Contact them directly for more information.  

Alpine Ascents International, 206-378-1927
International Mountain Guides, 360-569-2609
Rainier Mountaineering Inc., 360-569-2227

There are also 15 different "single trip" guide services authorized to guide on Mount Rainier.  These companies offer a single summit climb per year on Mount Rainier.  Check the park's current list of operators and contact them for more information. 

Illegal Guiding:

Engaging in any business in the park areas except in accordance with the provisions of a permit, contract, or other written agreement is prohibited.

Leading or participating in an unauthorized guided climb of Mount Rainier is illegal (Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations).