Friday, July 28, 2017

Northwest Side Conditions - July 26, 2017

As can be expected after weeks of warm temperatures, the mountain is in late season condition. Rockfall has been commonplace at all times of day and night. Gaping bergschrunds and heavily crevassed glaciers pose navigational and approach challenges on nearly all of the non-standard climbing routes.

View from the lower slopes of Ptarmigan Ridge.

Recent patrols on the north and west sides of the mountain have shown that most routes on these aspects are out of condition for the season. Particularly, attempts on the Tahoma Glacier, Sunset Ridge, Ptarmigan Ridge, and Liberty Ridge should wait until next year. 


Liberty Cap, Point Success, and the Tahoma Glacier.

Looking down the Tahoma Glacier. Puyallup Cleaver is on the right.