Friday, July 28, 2017

Little Tahoma

Rangers did a patrol out to Little Tahoma from Camp Muir this week.  They found favorable conditions, but crossing the Cowlitz and Ingraham Glaciers to get there will become more difficult as the crevasses continue open up.  The rocky 4th class scramble from the Ingraham Glacier over to the Whitman Glacier is still loose and a challenge both to find solid footing and place any protection.  The upper Whitman Glacier has large sun cups which has made for more secure descents.  The last snowfield on the upper face of Little Tahoma has melted enough so that climbers can just walk on the scree to the summit ridge. 

Track Log for the

While Little Tahoma has "Little" in the name, it's still as challenging as a climb on the standard routes on Mount Rainier.  There's the potential for rock fall, crevasse falls, and dangerous moats between the rock and melting snow.  Be prepared for a full alpine climb and long days when attempting this mountain.  It's just as tall as Mount Hood with steeper slopes.  

The Lower Ingraham Glacier Crossing