Checking the Weather

A week of warm sunny weather made some big changes to the landscape around the park. The snowmelt has been rapid around places like Paradise. Small patches that would usually be covered this time of year are already snow free. The mountain has seen its own fair share of snow melt, but the effects have been less dramatic considering the larger snow pack up high. Climbers have been reaching the summit on a regular basis, and high camps have been busy with daily visitation.
Checking the weather can seem like a waist of time when the forecast says sunshine. Over this weekend and into next week the summer like days have given way to more inclement and unsettled conditions. Low level clouds with this type of forecast can move in and out around the mountain unexpectedly making it difficult to sometime impossible to know where your going. Freezing levels can fluctuate several thousands of feet turning rain into snow. Take the time to check the Weather Forecast. It is a valuable tool when planning your trip to Mount Rainier.

Changing Seasons

As the early season weather continues to change over from winter, everyone is starting to get that "spring fever."  Visitation to the park is slowly starting to increase with thoughts of getting out of the house for those long awaited recreational activities. Enthusiasm along with a sunny forecast can leave many of us unprepared.  The park undergoes many changes as spring arrives and the weather can be variable and unforgiving. Winter like conditions are still very much apart of the weather and can show up unexpectedly. Make sure you are prepared to stay the night with food water and shelter even if your only going out for a day trip. White out conditions from snow fall and low level clouds are common and can take you by surprise. Having the appropriate navigation tools and knowing how to use them to get yourself out is paramount. Be prepared as you head out into the park this spring and make the most out that "spring fever"

Climbing Ranger Ascending the Zipper on Lane Peak
Cayuse Pass is now open for your driving pleasure.   Also - the road from 410 to White River Campground is tentatively scheduled to open on May 20th.  Stay tuned for more updates on that!

In other news, Climbing Rangers are back training for the upcoming season. They have been getting out on the mountain assessing conditions and sharpening their rescue skills. Expect to see more blog updates on climbing routes as their training season winds down in a couple of weeks and the climbing season ramps up.

Self-Registration for climbing will continue until memorial day weekend.  Self registration can be found in the Old Paradise Ranger Station located directly above the upper Paradise Parking Lot.