Welcome 5-Hotel-Xray!

Please join us in welcoming 5-Hotel-Xray of Helicopter Express to Mount Rainier National Park. Helicopter Express, Inc. was recently awarded our Pacific Northwest NPS 120-day exclusive use contract for a high performance small helicopter.

N25HX, is an A-Star B3, arguably the most powerful small helicopter in the world having the record for highest landing and takeoff known (top of Mount Everest). The intended use of the ship is search and rescue, resource projects and fire preparedness and suppression.

This ship will be shared by with North Cascades National Park and potentially other neighboring parks and agencies.

Keep an eye out for 5-H-X if you are headed to the mountain this next week as we resupply our high camps.

Muir Webcam Back Online

The webcam at Camp Muir has been off-line due to some battery issues we were having.  The batteries have been fixed and the webcam is transmitting images once more.

The image is taken with a StarDot webcam mounted on the side of the Camp Muir ranger station and transferred to Paradise with an 802.11x radio network bridge at 5 minute intervals.  The webcam is not the primary purpose for the network bridge.  The bridge gives a vital phone connection inside the ranger station which is essential to everyday operations and coordination during searches and rescues.

Here's a great place to check out the Muir webcam and other webcams around the park:

Mt. Rainier's nps.gov page of webcam images:

Image from June 8, 2015 at just after 08:00 am!