Reservation System Goes Live!

The new reservation system for climbers just opened for the season.  See the park's Wilderness Permits Page to make a reservation.  This is a new system so it will take some time to get used to, but we're no longer using a fax machine!  Here's the gist:

- Go to the Wilderness Permits Page and familiarize yourself with the information there
- Click the big blue button that says "Go to Reservation Request Form"
- Fill out the form with your information and your trip itinerary
- Submit the form
- Wait for the confirmation that your reservation went through (we start processing April 1st)
- Take your confirmation code and go to the Pay.Gov website to pay for your passes and fee
- Come to the park and go to a Ranger Station to check in for your trip
- Climb!
- Return to a Ranger Station and check out from your climb
- Drive safely back home

There's more information regarding the reservation process and about what happens if your first-choice itinerary isn't available.  As a reminder: reservations aren't mandatory, but they are a good idea if your party size is large, people are travelling a long distance with a limited time frame, or if you want to climb on a weekend in July.  Every camp also has sites designated for walk-ups that aren't available to reserve in advance.

There's bound to be a couple bumps in the road as we move to this new system, so bear with us!

In Depth Route Descriptions

Hey, everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and orient everyone to two documents we worked on this winter.  These two 20-30 page documents detail what we want you to know about climbing the Disappointment Cleaver and the Emmons-Winthrop Glacier.

Each route guide contains details on:

  • Route History
  • Route Use and Statistics
  • Case Studies in Rescues
  • SAR Occurrences and Statistics
  • Weather Statistics, Forecasting and Resources
  • Guiding
  • Assessing and Managing Risk
  • How to Train
  • What to Bring
  • Search and Rescue Program
  • Explanation of Climbing Fees
  • Leave No Trace and Wilderness Protection
  • Navigation & Bearing Sheet
  • Permitting and Reservations
  • Ski Mountaineering
  • PreClimb Briefing
  • Physical Route Descriptions
  • Checking Out
  • Further Reading

Please use these route briefs.  They are in PDF format and meant to be used digitally.  However, there are useful pieces here and there to print.

Please enjoy!