Snowfield Update

 The Muir Snowfield is in late season condition. There are open crevasses large enough to fall into or otherwise break you in addition to icy surfaces and lots of running water.

Traction devices (crampons or yak trax) and trekking poles are strongly advised. Beware of thinning bridges and icy surfaces. Keep your kiddos close!

Keeping On Keeping On

Well the season goes on despite glacial outburst floods and wildfires. Mount Rainier's own helicopter is out on fire assignment in the North Cascades with several of our short haul trained climbing rangers.

Overall park visitation remains high and there is still climbing to be had. Come play, climb, and explore, but come prepared. Before you head out get a good forecast from the ranger station, and bring crevasse rescue gear (and know how to use it).
Stay alert while lower down in the park as well; this has been a busy season for hiking injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

Members of the U.S. Army Reserve 214th Air Division and the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron came to Mount Rainier this week to continue terrain familiarization, and hoist training with their pilots and crew.
A Special Tactics Airman from the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron during hoist training.
Climbing Rangers disembarking the Chinook prior to the hoist training.
Climbing Rangers brace against rotor wash and flying debris during take off.