Friday, July 28, 2017

E/W and DC Merge!

The "merge" has occured and has been leading to some confusion on the upper mountain.  Climbers on the Disappointment Cleaver Route from Camp Muir merge with climbers on the Emmons/Winthrop Route at about 13,800 feet.  USE CAUTION WHEN DESCENDING THAT YOU TAKE THE CORRECT ROUTE.  We've already had climbers who ascended from Camp Muir arrive at Camp Schurman wondering where their tent was.  See map below. 
The old DC route that hasn't been climbed in a couple days is in purple.  The new DC route currently being used is in light blue.  The Emmons/Winthrop Route is in Brown.  Again, be sure to notice when the climbing routes split.  It's easy to put it in auto-pilot on the way down and take the wrong turn.  

Both the new DC route (light blue) and the Emmons/Winthrop are still seeing lots of climbers and climbers have been making it to the summit from both sides.  The routes are longer than they were earlier in the season, so be prepared with lots of food and water, plus get an early start.  Ski season on both of the standard routes is over.  See previous posts for more beta.