Saturday, July 22, 2017

Inter Glacier

The Inter Glacier approach to the Emmons Glacier route is currently very straight forward.
The trail is completely dry to 6,700 feet.  Transition to snow is fairly abrupt.  Expect snow coverage to thin quickly.  Skeletal ice will start to show and make the consequences of slips and trips more severe.   The possibility to pop through into a crevasse exists on the Inter Glacier with out warning.  We recommend roping up when traveling on glaciers. 

The main uphill track is currently very consistent and goes directly up the middle of the basin in fairly hard pack snow. Concurrently, the glissade track goes right down the middle.  If deciding to glissade on your way down know that rocks and cracks will continue to appear directly in the middle of the track in the next few weeks.  Also expect snow to become less and less user friendly for both the up and the down.

Crevasses are beginning to open up between 8 and 9 thousand feet.  From there the route veers directly south to the ridge towards Camp Curtis. The campsites here are dry.

Overall conditions are typical for this time of year which means things are changing daily.