Saturday, May 06, 2017

Snowfield Winter Route


Traveling to Camp Muir in the early season is an enjoyable adventure in the snow. For many visitors it is a new adventure and knowing where to go is an important part of the journey. The photos represent a 3D view of the Winter Route from Paradise to Camp Muir. It is the most commonly used route this time of year. As the snow melts this route will change, but visitors can expect to use this for the next several weeks.

Make sure you bring a map/compass or GPS. Landmarks are helpful to know where your at. Some of these landmarks are noted in the photos. Taking time to learn where these are at will help you plan your day and can help you navigate if visibility is limited. Make sure you travel prepared for winter conditions as the snowfield has a history of catching many visitors off guard during the early season. 
The current forecast is calling for up to three days of mostly clear skies with a rising freezing level. Be sure to check the forecast the day of you trip as weather forecast can always change. The Jackson Visitor Center in Paradise is open 10am - 5pm daily beginning May 7th. There you can find free maps and good information on other fun adventures around the paradise area. Be sure to bring your snow boots!