Monday, May 08, 2017

Postcards from Camp Schurman

Two rangers busted their way in to Camp Schurman yesterday.  They sent me two pictures of camp.  In 25 years of working here, I can't quite remember this much snow there, at least what I am seeing in the pictures.  However we chalk it up, it's a lot of snow.

This is another good indicator that there is plenty of snow on the mountain this summer.  This affects the climbing conditions, especially on the harder routes that melt out to bare rock at some point each season.  I hope this means that the harder routes will stay in shape longer this summer.

From the back of the hut, looking up the Emmons-Winthrop glaciers.

The Schurman toilet!

When does the White River Road open?

Right now, the White River road is scheduled to open on 5/26, just two weeks away.