Thursday, September 26, 2019

End of Season at Camp Schurman

Camp Schurman from Steamboat Prow

Climbing Ranger operations have come to their end at Camp Schurman for 2019. Visitation has been next to zero for the past few weeks. Access up the Inter glacier remains challenging, and the Emmons is very broken in its late season condition.

Rangers and park staff have been busy no the less, taking advantage of a quiet camp to work on a new helicopter landing zone and repairs to the Ranger Station.

New Helicopter Landing Pad

If you do chose to take and adventure and travel to Camp Schurman this Fall be aware that there are no open toilet facilities, but a Blue Bag barrel does remain available. You may have to clear off a bit of snow to find it.

Climbing and Wilderness permits are still required thru the Fall for travel on Mount Rainier above 10000 ft and on its Glaciers. These can still be acquired at the White River Ranger Station thru mid October.

Camp Schurman

Have a great Fall and Winter Season and we look forward to seeing you back at Mount Rainier and Camp Schurman in 2020.