Monday, August 05, 2019

Cracks Opening Up In Camp Muir

Summer is truly here on the mountain and it shows at Camp Muir. The glacier and seasonal snowpack has been melting back from the rocks and the crevasses are opening up in camp.
Crevasses running next to the trail and tents in camp

Please be aware as you walk around camp and where you choose to set up your tent, especially at night. The cracks are large enough that one could easily break an ankle and some of the holes will soon be big enough to swallow a person. It serves as a good reminder why we encourage people to rope up when they climb above Camp Muir, and to return to camp still roped up.

Ingraham Flats also has large crevasses surrounding the common camping area. Assess carefully where you plan to put your tent. Look for long depressions in the snow surface and strongly consider using an avalanche probe (or at least a trekking pole) to make sure you are not parking yourself on a thin snow bridge. 

A bag full of micro trash found around camp with a tissue paper melting out above it.
As the snow recedes, a lot of micro trash that was lost or forgotten earlier in the season is melting out. Please help us keep camp clean by doing a thorough sweep around and under your tent for bits of trash and food. Hike out any trash you find to leave camp nicer than you found it for the next group. This is a beautiful mountain to challenge ourselves with, so let's respect it and help keep it clean.