Saturday, July 27, 2019

Camp Schurman Update

There's some exciting news to announce from Camp Schurman - as of this morning, we now have two functioning toilets up here.  The construction of this second toilet started last fall, and it's in an operational status this week. We still have a few finishing touches to finalize over the rest of the season, so expect some ongoing upgrades. Here are a couple photos of the new building and some general reminders for toilet procedures at high camp.

The interior of the new toilet. 
This new toilet is much roomier inside than the older toilet. It uses the same urine diverting system as all the other toilets at the high camps. We don't have a urinal installed yet, but that will be coming before the end of the season. If you prefer to pee standing up, tough.  Definitely sit down when your using the toilet so there's no chance of ruining a dry toilet seat for everyone else in camp.  If you really want to stand up, get a partner, rope-up, and walk out on the Winthrop Glacier below camp where other climbers are not collecting snow for water, and pee there. 

New hand sanitizer holder and coat hook
These new hand sanitizer holders are much more economical and don't need to be replaced as often as the previous system. The coat hook to the right is a handy place to hang your clothes, helmet, headlamp, or any other accessories you might take into the bathroom.

New toilet on the left, old on the right. Both are open for use. 
Both of these toilets are open for use. If you have a blue bags from your trip up or time on the mountain, deposit that in the barrel between the two toilets. The flap in the middle of the green lid opens for easy deposit. Just remember, only human waste should go into these barrels. Please do not leave trash, food, dirty clothes, or anything else that isn't human waste in a blue bag.

Only put blue bags into this barrel. 
A simple message. Please don't leave your trash behind.
When you are finished using the toilets, please remember to latch the door from the outside. It gets quite windy at high camps and unlatched doors can catch the wind and cause significant damage. If the door is latched from the outside, that is a good indicator that the toilet is empty and ready for your use. If there happens to be someone in the toilet and it's latched from the outside, they'd probably appreciate being let out.  We're excited about doubling the toilet scene at Camp Schurman and hope you get to enjoy the new toilet scene too!  And, as always, if you're not sure about any operation at high camp, swing by the ranger hut and ask!