Thursday, June 29, 2017

Muir Snowfield June 29, 2017

Summer is finally coming to the Paradise area and Muir Snowfield. In the past few days, the preferred route to the Muir Snowfield began shifting from the winter trail that ascends Panorama Face to the Skyline Trail.  Pan Face itself is melting quickly. Heavily pocked with boot and glissade tracks, ascents and descents are best suited for those traveling on foot.

Panorama Face - June 29, 2017

Snow is continuous from the parking lot to just above Glacier Vista. There are three short sections of dry trail between there (elevation 6600’) and just below Pebble Creek (elevation 7000’)—stay on designated trails in these areas to avoid damaging fragile alpine vegetation. The bootpack is well established and wanded throughout this area, but as always, be prepared for whiteout navigation in periods of low visibility.

For those hoping to sneak in some summer ski turns, the margins of the Snowfield are still somewhat smooth, especially above 8000’.  Lower elevation areas hold bumpy and sticky snow, especially in the afternoon hours. Please be courteous while skiing and give other visitors plenty of room to reduce the likelihood of collisions.