Thursday, May 11, 2017

Emmons Glacier Route

Here are a few more pictures of the Emmons Glacier from May 9th. The overall condition of the route is fantastic! The warm up from last week really did a great job of creating a firm snow surface up to 11,500 ft. Above this point is was a mix of wind scoured snow and small wind drifts.
Generally speaking this time of year the route climbs up the corridor, and traverses north along the alpine meadow out to the Winthrop shoulder.  From there it is straight up to the summit. The distance from Camp Schurman to the summit is approx. 2.25 miles.

Along the route shown in a previous post, there were only 4 crevasse crossings. All of them were minor and easy to step across.  The Ice cliff along the North side of the corridor is very filled in and provides many options for access onto the corridor.
There were many options to the summit from 13,000' up. The traverse out to/from Liberty saddle looked like a good option for parties if straight up doesn't go.
The road is still closed to White River but is snow free. From the Ranger Station to the camp ground the road is mostly snow covered.