Thursday, November 10, 2016

Windy, Warm and Wet

After an October in which we saw record setting precipitation in the Pacific Northwest November has stayed much the same. In the first ten days in November we have measured almost 2.5" of rain at Longmire. The days are getting very short and normally the temperatures would drop significantly but our high temperatures have remained on the upper end of normal. We even recorded a balmy 58 degrees at Paradise on the 8th.

Even though the snow cover is down from what it was two weeks ago there's still plenty of skiers getting out for turns on the Muir Snowfield. Rangers found good skiing from Camp Muir down to Pebble Creek on the 8th. Below that it's basically just linking snowpatches with some hiking in between.

As the meadows around Paradise are in the transition from Fall to Winter we would like to remind visitors to stick to the summer trails where they are melted out and avoid damaging the fragile vegitation by hiking or skiing over thinly snow-covered terrain.

The Park's road systems are progressing towards full winter status. Most of the seasonal closures have already gone into effect but Chinook and Cayuse passes remain open. The Paradise road remains open 24 hours a day but that can change depending on weather. You can always check the Road Status page for the latest info about Park roads in general and for specific info on the Paradise road the Mount Rainier NPS Twitter Feed is the best bet.

And, finally, when you come up to visit, make sure to stop by and give us a shout.  Rangers staff the booth at the entrance to the park and the ranger station at Longmire daily.  On weekends and holidays the Jackson Visitor Center (JVC) is open.  Climbers and overnight hikers still need to register in person with a ranger or at a self-registration kiosk.  Follow the directions from the ranger or the kiosk to obtain your permit and/or pass.

Safe travels!

-The Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers