Thursday, September 01, 2016

Summer flowers fade to Fall color

September 1st 

A crisp morning sunrise, a stroll through the woods, sweaters and hot cocoa.  Thoughts of fall are in the air and soon the color show will begin. For many fall is a time of reflection. A time when we slow down, take in the view, and remember what we have accomplished. A time to sit and watch the landscape become a painted mosaic of vibrant color. 

Fantastic color in the paradise area fall of 2015

Mount Rainier is known for its amazing landscape displays of which some of the most spectacular are fall color. Labor day weekend marks the beginning of that change from summer to fall. This year Labor day weekend will hold some of those familiar fall notes with cooler temperatures, a chance of rain, and new snow on the upper mountain.

Much of the wildlife will be out about preparing for the winter season ahead. Please remember to not feed the wildlife and stay on the marked paths. Warm clothes, gloves and hats should be part of every visitors outfit while enjoying the park this time of year. The park is still seeing a far amount to visitation from hikers and climbers so don't forget to come in early for your backcountry camping permit. "Find your park" this labor day weekend!