Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer on the Horizon

As we come to the end of June many thoughts flood our minds like where did the time go? Summer is finally here - and what, the 4th of July is next week?  That's right folks, its time to get your bags packed and get on up to Mount Rainier for summer fun. The weather is forecasted for a high pressure system starting tomorrow through the end of the week! A great way to kick of  the beginning of July and the summer climbing season on the mountain. Make sure you get in early to register as high camps have been filling up quickly.  Climbers can register and talk to a ranger at the Climbing Information Center in Paradise. It opens at 7am and closes at 4:30pm. You can also register for your climb at the Jackson Visitor Center in Paradise, the Wilderness Information Center in Longmire, and the White River Ranger Station at the entrance to White River.  Also - the Mowich Lake Road opening is planned for July 1st.  Climbers headed to the north side of the mountain can register at the Carbon River Ranger Station. 

The climbing rangers have been up preparing camps for the busy summer ahead. From making repairs to damaged doors and windows to replacing medical supplies and empty fuel tanks. A project to improve communication at camp Schurman has been in the works for awhile now and should come online this coming week. This new communication infrastructure will assist in planning a response for emergencies on the mountain.  Projects like this are mainly due to donations to our program via the Washington National Parks Fund.  We'd like to give them a big shout out for all the support they've given to Mount Rainier. 

This is the busiest time up high for a reason.  Both the weather patterns and route conditions on the standard climbs line up to be as good as they get in July.  We hope to see you up on the mountain!