Tuesday, June 07, 2016

June-uary.. .what?

June has started out with a ridge of high pressure bringing the freezing level above the summit for the first time this season.  Climbers and ski-mountaineers have been taking advantage of this great weather in June with successful ascents of both standard routes (the Emmons/Winthrop and Disappointment Cleaver), Kautz Glacier, Success Cleaver, Tahoma Glacier, Ptarmigan Ridge, and Liberty Ridge.

Forecasts have been predicting a stormier mid-June.  Remember that storms in the Pacific Northwest can still thump the mountain in mid-June and to be prepared to navigate in white-out conditions (especially if planning on descending the Emmons/Winthrop).

Be sure to register with a ranger before beginning your climb.  We'll have up-to-date information on route conditions and weather.  We also have blue bags at the ranger stations to hand out so climbers don't leave human waste on the mountain.

Whether it's your first climb or your 500th (shout out to Brent!) Rainier is in great shape right now.  See you up high!