Monday, March 23, 2015

Eastside Update

Chinook and Cayuse Passes are open as of April 3. Get the latest WSDOT road closure information and updates HERE.  The gate to White River off of HWY410 remains closed. Bike beyond the gate with caution due to winter storm debris and vehicles on the road.

Below is an update from a March trip up to Camp Schurman.

Beyond the road closure you will have to walk or bike - helmets, lights, and bright colors are advised.  Watch for administrative NPS or WSDOT snow clearing vehicles beyond the gate. There is heavy machinery using the road!

The road is clear of snow with scattered tree detritus until the White River Ranger Station. Beyond the White River Ranger Station, the snow is patchy to the White River Campground.

Register at the self registration kiosk at the White River Ranger Station. You can pick up and dispose of blue bags here as well. The disposal barrel is around the back of the ranger station by the back door (barrel with red bag).

At the White River Campground you will find:
Bathrooms: There is an open vault toilet in one of the campground loops.
Garbage disposal:  Pack it in / Pack it out!
Water: NO potable/running tap water. Treat as desired the plentiful stream water or melt snow.

Make sure to leave your bikes in a secure manner off/away from any roads. The caching of any equipment (i.e. shoes/boots) once on trail is strictly prohibited, use bear boxes in the White River Campground. Bikes are not allowed on trails.

Here's the continuation of this report including photos and a description of the conditions at Camp Schurman.  Enjoy!