Monday, November 25, 2013

Snow Season

A majority of cold clear nights followed by warm sunshine during the day have made for a spectacular November... so far.  Less than three feet of snow has stuck around in the Paradise area making for picky skiing and snowboarding conditions (watch out for icy surfaces - definitely not ideal for novices).  The lack of snow has made it easier to access some of the scenic points around Paradise.  Amazing photos of the cascades can be shot through the clean winter air.

Considering coming up for a climb or ski?  Please check out some of the helpful links below:

First, access can be tricky - here's the latest alert from the park website. 

Second, check the weather!  Not just the day of your adventure, but check out the trends too.

And, finally, when you come up to visit, make sure to stop by and give us a shout.  Rangers staff the booth at the entrance to the park and the ranger station at Longmire daily.  On weekends and holidays the Jackson Visitor Center (JVC) is open.  Climbers and overnight hikers still need to register in person with a ranger or at a self-registration kiosk.  Follow the directions from the ranger or the kiosk to obtain your permit and/or pass.

Safe travels, and have a great holiday season!