Thursday, October 04, 2012

Webcam Working (if only temporarily)

So thanks to ranger Jon Bowman who made some last minute repairs - and with the generous support of our IT/Telecom unit in the park, we have a working webcam again at Camp Muir.  As time allowed this summer, we tried quite a few different solutions, but over and over we couldn't get it to work.

Finally, we fundamentally changed the way the webcam connects to other infrastructure at Paradise and it is finally working again.

The only hitch in the current getup is that I will have to take the camera off-line in the winter.  The antenna that I am using to support the radio transmissions down to Paradise is larger and will act more like a sail in the wind - and the winds will most likely reach over 150 mph this winter at some point and I don't want to risk losing the whole system.

So enjoy it for now.  I hope to keep it up until near the end of October.

The web url has not changed: