Saturday, April 21, 2012

Admission Free Parks

Just a reminder to everyone that this week is National Park Week, and to celebrate the Park Service is opening up all of its 397 parks for free! That's right, you can come to Mount Rainier or any other National Park from April 21-29 and forgo the entrance fee. Rangers will still be staffing the entrance booths to answer your questions and provide all the services they normally do, but they won't be taking your money.

So come out and take advantage of the beautiful weekend and join us in celebrating all of our great National Parks.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Season, New Looks

As we quickly approach the time of the year where weather gets nicer and climbing starts to become a priority over more winter-centric sports such as skiing or curling, we here at Mount Rainier are looking forward to a great season on "the mountain".

If you are a blog frequenter, you will notice some slight changes to this site over the next week or so. That's because we are updating this blog, which will allow us to keep you better informed on all of the climbing, skiing, and Rainier related events, as well as making viewing of this page much easier on mobile devices. You may notice some links don't work properly and some pages you have come to enjoy will be inaccessible from time to time. Don't worry...We will have everything working again soon and hopefully better than before!

Hope everyone is getting their stoke on! The mountain is fat with snow and more is falling outside as I type this. See you on the mountain...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What happened to the Camp Muir Webcam?

April 14, 2012

The webcam hasn't worked since a fateful day in late November.

I have it in my office in Longmire. I went up about two months ago with all the tools to fix it, but I was unable to make field repairs, so I dismantled it and brought it down the hill.

I have been able to connect to the on-board server, but the image doesn't come up in the admin tool. I will delegate this repair to one of the climbing rangers over the next few weeks. If we can't repair or make an easy adjustment, then we'll have to order a new one.

How did it get broken? Well, reports have come in from various places, but it appears that the webcam has been consistently been taking a good beating. Not by weather, but by people, well-meaning people, to be more exact. The webcam during storms gets rimed up and it obscures the view. It may stay like this for days. So when avid viewers are actually at Camp Muir and in a position to "fix" the rime on the camera, they either hit or scrape the rime off the camera.

The marks on the camera's protective dome seem to corroborate the circumstantial evidence and the hear-say. It definitely looks like dome has taken some pretty heavy blows with a sharp object.

It will still be a month or more until I can get it working again.

Sorry for the delay.