Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News from Nepal

Climbing ranger David Gottlieb, and former ranger, Joe Puryear, are back inside the Himalayas again. On January 31st, it was announced that they were recipients of the 2010 Mugs Stump Award. Check out their blog for updates and pics of their adventure. Be sure to send some positive vibrations their way.

Also, the 2010 Khumbu Climbing School in Phortse, Nepal has been in session this spring. This annual school, held in late-January through early-February, was founded to "increase the safety margin of Nepali climbers and high-altitude workers by encouraging responsible climbing practices in a supportive and community-based program." Check out their website here. The Mount Rainier Climbing Ranger Program has hosted many Nepali climbers in the past seasons, and looks forward to working with them in the future.

With President's Day fast approaching it's time to get out and enjoy the cold, fresh, winter snow before the warmer spring days start. Bring your skis, safety stuff, and partner. See you on the slopes!