Thursday, August 13, 2009

There's Climbing To Be Had!

As we look to the high pressure on its way, the climbing conditions are improving all around the mountain. The Kautz, Disappointment Cleaver, and the Emmons-Winthrop routes are the key routes being climbed at this time of year (the first two approaching from Longmire/Paradise and the last from White River). Check the Route Conditions for more detailed updates on these routes.

With the freezing/snow levels of the past week, the upper mountain has a 6-12 inch bed of fresh snow. Conversely, melting on the lower sections (i.e., Muir Snowfield, Inter Glacier) is exposing crevasses and bare ice in some spots. Please use caution travelling through these sections of the mountain - we recommend crampons, ice axe, and a rope above Moon Rocks (~9000 feet).

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

After the Heat Wave

With July's heat wave becoming a memory, we look forward to cooler temps on the upper mountain. Freezing levels have dropped back down to ~12,000 feet. Check out the Route Conditions on your intended climb for updated reports.