Thursday, July 20, 2017

High Camps are FULL this Weekend

The high camps (both Muir and Schurman) have filled up for Friday and Saturday nights.  Here's how it breaks down:

There are 110 people allowed at Camp Muir each night.  There are 48 people allowed at Camp Schurman.

Camp Muir and the Muir Corridor

Currently, Camp Muir is FULL Friday, July 20th, and Saturday night, July 21st.  Even for walk-up permits.  The only chance of getting a permit is if someone comes down early from their climb and checks out at the desk so that we can avail the numbers in the system.  Don't count on it.

Common overflow areas for Camp Muir are the Muir Snowfield and Ingraham Flats.  There are 36 people allowed at each of those spots.  Right now the system shows those camps full as well.

Camp Schurman and the Emmons/Winthrop Corridor

Camp Schurman full as well for Friday and Saturday. The overflow area for Camp Schurman is Emmons Flats. Friday night is full there and there are 4 spots open on Saturday. That's basically enough for one more team.  Please don't count on these being available this weekend for walk-up permits.

Resource Protection and Visitor Safety

The current limits on campers at each camp each night has been in place for a few decades.  These numbers represent the maximum limit of people that each area can handle with regards to resource protection and visitor safety.  For example at Camp Muir, when we have more than 110 people camping, the number of climbers on the route gets so large that it becomes unsafe.  Rockfall from climbers above, long wait times at pinch points or technical crossings, as well as lines for the bathrooms (and managing the human waste collection systems) can all reach un-enjoyable and un-sustainable conditions.  When the limits on the wilderness areas reach their maximum visitor's experiences aren't as fun or safe.  Please respect these limits.


To make a reservation for the coming weeks and ensure a spot on the mountain, please visit this site.  About 60 percent of the total number of sites are available for reservation.  Please make your reservation two weeks in advance.