Monday, June 26, 2017

Holiday Weekend-Weather Preview

  As the big 4th of July weekend approaches we thought we would pass on a bit of weather beta.  Friday and Saturday as of now look pretty good for being high on the mountain- there are question marks however regarding Sunday through Tuesday.  Understand that there is considerable weather model disagreement at the moment about what might occur over this time period, but its worth noting for those of you that might be considering a climb at this time.

In short it appears that a fairly potent North Pacific low might move over Vancouver Island on Sunday and then slowly move to the east.  If this does occur you can expect clouds and the potential for some precipitation.  In addition, strong (30 to 50 mph) west to northwest winds on the upper mountain will accompany this system. this week progresses keep in tune with the forecast.  Besides reading the Rec. Forecast issued by the Seattle NWS (issued at 4 AM and 4 PM), you should read their twice daily forecast discussion.  The discussion gives further insight into what the forecasters used to make the forecast and what the uncertainties are.