Tuesday, August 04, 2015

NWAC Annual Report

Warm weather prevented a great ski season in the Cascade Range.  Snow pack set record lows at most ski areas.  Luckily, the amount of precipitation received was closer to average for the winter months.  This resulted in the higher elevations accumulating a more normal amount of snow, like we've seen high atop Mount Rainier.

The Northwest Avalanche Center released it's 2014-2015 Annual Report.  It gives a season summary and talks a little about the outreach they do.  Their avalanche forecasts are a great resource for climbers on Mount Rainier and elsewhere in the Cascade Range.  The forecast staff has come up to the park to give the rangers snow science lessons and members of the professional observer team can be seen up on the slopes digging pits and taking weather notes throughout the winter.

Keep avalanche safety in mind as August storms start to bring new snow back to the mountain.  Watch for terrain traps below avalanche prone slopes and consider bringing the necessary gear to keep you safe when heading out after a late-summer storm.