Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tiny Fireworks and Large Crevasses

Mountain weather remained hot over the Fourth of July weekend.  Freezing levels above the mountain and no clouds had most parties leaving early and returning to high camps before the snow softened.  Clear skies on Independence Day gave climbers a view of the firework displays in cities around the mountain.  The minuscule size of mortars is another reminder of how far away from "the city" we are up here on the mountain.

Climbers have been enjoying a high success rate on all of the standard routes.  The Kautz Glacier, Disappointment Cleaver, and Emmons/Winthrop Glacier have all had many parties cruise up and down them this last weekend.  Besides the crevasses opening up a bit larger everyday, the routes have been holding together surprisingly well.

We've mentioned it before, but wanted to give all three major guide companies - RMI, IMG, and AAI a big shout out for all of the extra route work and maintenance they've been doing.  A number of ladders, hand-lines, and exposed traverses get reset and worked on almost everyday.  Please remember to give them a thanks if you see them up and out on the mountain.

The next week looks to be a bit cooler and a return to a more typical on shore flow weather pattern.  Come on up and enjoy the best weeks of climbing on the mountain!