Monday, June 01, 2015

Snowy Monday! Weekend Wrap Up

A Muir-Summer Night's Eve
We had a full house at Camp Muir and Ingraham Flats this weekend. Many parties had successful climbs. If you stay in the public shelter please remember to take EVERYTHING with you when you leave. There are no magic trash fairies.
Monday Morning Views

The climbing route is in decent shape despite the uncharacteristic direction this year. Be aware of objective hazards and blocking route traffic when taking breaks.

Although the guides do a great job marking and maintaining the route please be prepared to find your own way in variable and low visibility conditions. SPOT beacons should be your very last resort when you have exhausted the possibility of self-rescue. Take advantage of the tools available to you, and learn how to use them properly.

Since last night Camp Muir has received about an inch of snow. Guides climbing this morning reported several inches of new snow at the flats and above. The new snow has been accompanied by electrical activity, too close for comfort in some cases. The greater Paradise area is melting rapidly.

-692 Tomlinson