Monday, June 08, 2015

Muir Webcam Back Online

The webcam at Camp Muir has been off-line due to some battery issues we were having.  The batteries have been fixed and the webcam is transmitting images once more.

The image is taken with a StarDot webcam mounted on the side of the Camp Muir ranger station and transferred to Paradise with an 802.11x radio network bridge at 5 minute intervals.  The webcam is not the primary purpose for the network bridge.  The bridge gives a vital phone connection inside the ranger station which is essential to everyday operations and coordination during searches and rescues.

Here's a great place to check out the Muir webcam and other webcams around the park:

Mt. Rainier's page of webcam images:

Image from June 8, 2015 at just after 08:00 am!