Friday, May 01, 2015

It's Friday!

The weekend is upon us with a high and dry forecast.

Big news around the mountain is that the road to the White River Campground is now OPEN, Stevens Canyon road remains CLOSED, and that asphalt has been spotted in the Paradise meadows (eek!).

You read that right folks access to the north side of the park just got a whole lot easier, you can now drive to the White River Campground.

If you are planning on running a shuttle from one side of the mountain to the other:
- The shortest drive is going to be around the south side of the mountain through Packwood on the Skate Creek Rd/ Forrest Road 52 (watch the bumps and elk).
-The anticipated opening date for the Stevens Canyon Road is May 25th. The opening date is subject to change, crews are working now to clear the obstructing rock slide.

For those of you familiar with the Paradise area it looks like mid July already.

This week has been warm, with more sun on the way; conditions are changing rapidly.
For folks touring there is an abundance of low snow hazards in addition to the regular hazard that comes with traveling in and through avalanche terrain. Watch where you are going, watch where your buddies are going.

Stay smart, stay safe.