Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Camp Construction

Construction continues at both high camps this month.  Bags of concrete for the new toilet project at Camp Muir were flown up this week.  The carpenters have been hard at work forming the walls now that the footing for the structure has been finished.  Two massive steel I-beams were also flown up as a part of the project - amazing precision by the pilots at NW Helicopters!  Safety around the worksite is paramount.  Please don't enter the worksite without permission from the carpenters working there.  Keep out of areas above the worksite where rocks could be dislodged and land near the construction zone.  Swing by the ranger hut if you have any questions regarding the construction project.  

New windows for the Ranger Hut at Camp Muir are also being installed.  One of the oldest buildings in the park (if not the oldest) will finally have windows that can open.  Fresh air, not to mention lower CO levels, will be a welcome change for the hut.  

Steel framing plus backing board was flown for the new water and electrical system at Camp Schurman.  Help from private donations and fundraisers has been directed to help bring the Schurman Hut into the twenty-first century.  Hopefully we'll have up-to-date forecasts, reliable communication, and the ability to procure resources after the improvements are finished.

All the construction hasn't put any damper on climbing.  Lots of teams are still heading up both of the standard routes (the DC and the E/W) and reporting great conditions with uncharacteristically direct routes for this time of year.  Despite a couple of upper level troughs moving through, and a bit of new snow, the conditions have been optimal.  And... speaking of optimal - the wild flowers in the alpine meadows have been amazing this season.  Bring the macro lens!