Thursday, May 08, 2014

Climbing Information Center Opening This Weekend

Anyone planning to climb should come by for their permits, passes and the latest information. The CIC is now open seven days a week for the remainder of the 2014 season.

Starting Friday May 16 ALL climbers leaving from PARADISE will be required to register in person during business hours. Climbing registration is available at any ranger station, hours vary. Self registration will be closed until the fall. Climbers leaving from WHITE RIVER OR CARBON will still be able to self register.

There is a new update about the road construction on our Park Access page. It's a good and informative write up if you are curious at all about this monstrous project. Expect 20-30 min delays getting to Longmire.

Rangers made it up to Muir during the recent 24 hours of clear skies and were able to dig a snow pit and do a profile that can be found on our Weather and Snow page. Conditions on the snowfield were excellent if you had skis, maybe a bit more work if you didn't. Whenever this storm stops there should be some great climbing and skiing conditions available.