Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Road Work (Expect Delays)

Visitors to Mt. Rainier should be aware that there will be an ongoing construction project on the road from
the Nisqually entrance to Paradise. This project is going to include a number of upgrades such as updating the electric and telecom lines into the park, improving the substructure and drainage of the road, and of course repaving the whole thing. Eventually this project will vastly improve not only driving conditions but much needed park infrastructure. For the time being and foreseeable future though, this will mean delays.

This project will be happening the entire summer, most likely for the next four years. Yeah four years! This is an absolutely huge project. This summer the work will focus on the section of road between the Nisqually entrance and Longmire. Between Longmire and Paradise the road should be construction free (at least as far as this project is planned). The goal is to keep wait times between 20 and 30 minutes one way, which isn't too bad considering all the work that is going on. Just take this down time as an opportunity to check out a spot of forest that normally passes at 35 mph. There are some big trees to be seen. Possibly deer.

The construction delays should only happen Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. Weekend delays will just be from normal high volume traffic! Check out this page for more information and we'll let you know if anything changes with the road status.

In somewhat similar news the road from Longmire to Paradise is no longer being gated nightly. If the weather cooperates the road should be open 24 hours a day. Be aware there is potential for road closures due to snow. Check out park access page and links before you head up for an early mission. There is also a current update on conditions around HWY 410 and White River.

Flaggers love friendly waves and smiles.