Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Opportunities for Success!

So it is true that not many people have summited Mount rainier via the DC route in about a week or so. However it is not true that the route is "out" or "un-climbable". The main contributing factor to the lack of summits has been the weather and not the route. The route is definitely in late season condition and a very broken section of glacier has made the route more technical than it usually is but guide services have continued to work to improve this crux section and currently have ladders in place that allow passage.

Over the past couple of days climbers have made it above this crux section only to be turned around by winds and low visibility. Over the past few days there have been successful summit climbs via the Emmons and the Kautz, so there are still good routes that are being climbed on Rainier. We will continue to keep everyone hip to the latest changes in the routes.

Our view is that the routes are never "out". They only become more challenging and more testing of the abilities of the climbers attempting them. Fall is a great time out here and there is a lot of good climbing left. Just pay closer attention to the weather, bring your winter clothes and a can do attitude.