Thursday, August 08, 2013

Honorary Junior Climbing Rangers

This is a shout out to some pretty awesome kids and their family that came out to climb the end of July/early August.

Here is a write up of their climb.

"We flew in from Thailand on the 29th of July...then headed up to Rainier. On 30 July, we signed in with Carrie a ranger we met last year when our son Pete climbed Rainier at 6 yrs old. This time we were back with the whole family-my wife Karen, Sahale- 12, Suu -10 , Pete- now 7 and six volunteers who work with us; the Free Burma Rangers (humanitarian relief in Burma); Dr. John and Christa Shaw, Hosi Valentine, Micah Beckwith, Jonathan Claussen and Chris Sinclair.

Suu Eubank crosses a ladder at 11,300
We camped the first night near Moon Rocks at about 8,700 so we could acclimate a little from our trip from Thailand. The next day (31st), we climbed up to Muir and stayed in the shelter as a hail, snow and lightening storm swept through. We decided not to climb that night and wait for better weather. The morning of the 1st of August broke clear so we did a day light start,setting We set out for the summit at 6:30am. The route was good and thanks to those who put the ladder across the first big crevasse at about 11,300. Then up Disappointment Cleaver and at the top met guided parties coming down from the summit.
Pete and Sahale Eubank on Cleaver
At about 12,700 there is a short ice wall followed by a large crevasse bridged by a ladder. Again thanks to those who put these in place!

We continued on to the summit arriving at 1130 am. This was Pete's second climb but the girls' first. There were clouds swirling all around us but none on the immediate mountain- it was beautiful!  We thanked God for this and for the opportunity to climb with family and team. We also thank all those we met on the mountain and all the Rangers.

Suu Eubank going down the 'ice step'

We missed seeing Arlington this year but met Julian who encouraged the kids. On the way down someone asked the kids what they thought of the mountains, Sahale said, 'It was hard but fun and anyone who does that mountain is tough!' Suu said, 'Well, it was fun but it was hard and it was cold.' Pete replied, 'Lets do it again!'."

 Dave Eubank & family

Thanks for coming out to play on our lovely mountain and sharing a bit about your trip. Hope to see you all again next year!