Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend Update

Up on Rainier things have been a bit wintry lately. Recent storms have deposited enough snow to make one to three foot drifts on lee aspects. Not many people have been climbing above high camps the past few days, but we are looking for that to change along with the weather. This weekends forecast looks to be sunny and warm to very warm. Freezing levels will be above 16,000' by the end of the weekend with lots of solar radiation on the mountain. Climbers should take great caution when venturing into areas of exposure. With the new snow and huge warmup coming avalanche conditions will be elevated for a few days. Make your own hazard assessments, don't just follow the herd.

In other news the Mowich road is scheduled to open July 3rd at noon! This will make approaches to the northwest side of the mountain much easier. Ptarmigan, Mowich, Edmunds, and the Sunset area should remain in good shape for a while to come. We'd love to get some beta from anyone who ventures out over there. The new Carbon River ranger station is scheduled to open on July 6. There will be a gathering and opening ceremony from 10am to noon.

Climb Smart. Climb Safe. Have Fun.