Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Weather

Both high camps have been receiving lots of new snow over the past couple of days.  Memorial Day itself put drifts up to 50 cm deep around camp.  High winds (40-50 mph) pasted the wet snow to most surfaces.  The general forecast, at least initially, looks better for early-June.  Hopefully we'll avoid the all too common "Junuary" weather pattern.

Climbers have been unsuccessful in reaching the summit for almost a week due to weather and avalanche concerns - although challenging conditions have been welcome training conditions for climbers with their sights set on even loftier peaks.  

Stop by the Climbing Information Center in Paradise for the most current information on the mountain.  We're open everyday at 06:00 - come on up and talk to us early, the Paradise Inn is open again for the season and they do serve espresso!

See you on The Mountain.