Saturday, June 02, 2012

"Low Pressing" Systems

Late last week and early this week (with some respite on Sunday) low pressure systems are moving through the Northwest.  The mountain typically has some "Jun-uary" weather roll through in the early part of the summer season.  The last low pressure system came through with a high freezing level and lots of moisture.  There was rain up to 11,000 feet.  Whew.  The cloud deck has lowered to around 9000 feet the last couple days restoring the typical upper-mountain snow pack.  Guide companies, independent parties, and climbing rangers have all been out making snow pack assessments.  Be sure to get familiar with the conditions yourself - don't get sucked into the "herd" mentality.

On another note, the solstice is coming up!  There is lots of daylight for climbers to complete their ascents.  Lower freezing levels also make later ascents more practical.  New snow pasted on the mountain has made it quite the spectacular sight.  Don't forget your cameras!  See you up here soon.