Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mt Rainier Winter Climbing... How to in 2007

The park IS open, sort of. If you'd like to walk (or bike) a few extra miles (6-17 to be exact), you too can attempt the summit this winter. The obvious benefit to this twisted scenario is that you'll have almost no competition for high camp permits! The downside is that you'll have to carry a few extra things (food, fuel, other supplies) to make your (longer) trip possible.

If you're climbing on the south and west side of the mountain (via Paradise and/or the Westside Road), get your permit during business hours from the rangers at the Nisqually Entrance. If you'd like route, permit and parking information, please drop me a note. If you're headed up the Carbon or White River drainages, you can still self register.

More soon about how to volunteer or donate to Mount Rainier's flood recovery efforts.