Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Holidays

I hear that visitors with reservations to the National Park Inn (in Longmire) will be granted access to Longmire over the holidays. The inn will be responsible for shuttling them into and out of the park. I don't think this shuttle system will be available to general park visitors however... In the meantime, the NPS is working on a plan to allow public access to the mountain via the Westside Road. More on that when the details are ironed out.

If you're interested in climbing routes on the westside, like Tahoma Glacier, you may have a reasonable shot at that summit this winter! This access, btw, may be the shortest distance to the mountain when compared to HWY 410 and Carbon River Road.

My updates have been limited, b/c I've had little access to the internet. More when I return to the Pac NW!

Happy Holidays everyone.