Thursday, November 23, 2006


It was 28 degrees at Paradise yesterday (Wed) with 14 inches of powdery new snow. And after today's deluge and temperature drop, we can safely assume that AT LEAST another foot fell. With such snowfall, I'd normally be optimistic about our winter snowpack and climbing conditions. But for the next month (and it sounds like more) we'll probably have to get our climbing, skiing, and other winter thrills elsewhere. An article in the Seattle Times says that "In a "best scenario," the gate to Longmire will open by Christmas." Notably, there were no predictions about the road to Paradise being restored. Hummm...

So it's Thanksgiving... and I am quite thankful that the Nisqually River didn't wash my home away this year. I am also thankful for the turducken I ate. You know, a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. It's de-boned and filled with all sorts of Cajun goodness and it tastes absolutely delicious! So why do I share this culinary tidbit? Because a turducken is something you can obtain right now. But if you wanted that powdery snow at Paradise, the snowpack reports might be torturous given the current access.

Happy Thanksgiving!